Thursday, June 22, 2006

Top Travel Tips

Cheep Flights Did you know that booking your holiday independently, without using a travel agent, means that your money is at risk? There is no legal requirement for airlines (especially the no-frills, low-cost variety) and hotels to supply you with security in the event of insolvency. However, book your holiday through an ATOL travel agent, such as the My Vacations Group of Travel Companies ( and your money and peace of mind are secure. Reliable travel agents such as My Vacations have paid out vast amounts of insurance to their regulatory body, the Civil Aviation Authority, in order to be permitted to sell package and other holidays. In short, if it doesn’t have an ATOL, don’t book it at all!

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t always get the Cheep Flights by waiting until the last minute for possible cancellations. In fact, more often than not, the air fare increases as seat availability decreases. Book well in advance as many airlines offer a limited number of significantly reduced fares. At present, My Vacations are taking bookings up to 31st March 2007. Also, always try and be flexible with your departure point as regional airports usually offer much cheaper Cheep Flights as well as less queues and shorter check-in times.

Frequent travellers know that booking their Cheep Flights and accommodation at the same time through a travel agent saves them a lot of money as booking a flight independently and then sourcing a hotel room separately means you often end up paying ‘rack’ rates (published full-priced flight/room rates) instead of the heavily discounted rates offered by travel agents. My Vacations have negotiated very low rates at many top branded hotel chains and airlines around the world due to their bulk buying power and these benefits are, in turn, offered to the customer. Remember, these discounted rates are only available when booking your holiday through a travel agent.

Book your Cheep Flights, city or beach breaks through and receive an online booking discount of £5.00 per person! Also, watch out for regularly discounted holiday offers, free night offers at top hotels around the world and special ‘2 for 1’ Companion fares in Business & First Class with reputable airlines such as Qatar Airways ( & Etihad Airways (

first class cheep flights

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